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Investment Portfolio


Our investment focus: Technology and tech-enabled growth companies in china

New Retail

Emergence of online-to-offline “service to the home” companies

New Content

Mobile first, Mobile only, and recommendation based personalized content

New Vertical

Long value chain, often large ASP, late to be digitalized verticals coming online

New Frontier

Emerging tech including Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligent, Machine learning, etc.

  • Our Portfolio Companies
    Miss Fresh: A fast-growing B2C e-commerce platform for fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries in China
    Mini Cake Corp.: A leading social media service for elderly users in China
    Haoqipei: A B2B online trading platform for auto parts connecting suppliers and repair shops in China
    DiShangTie: An electric vehicle (EV) leasing company for the logistics sector in China
    KEEP is one of the largest interactive online fitness platforms in China
    Datacloak is a fast-growing data security service provider for medium and large enterprises in China